MDU Lib. and IT

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Floor Layout

Floor Services&Collections
B1 Western Language Stacks (Circulating)
Oriental Language Stacks (Circulating)Arts900-999(Circulating)
Course Reserve Books Area (Non-Circulating)
Bound Periodicals Area (Non-Circulating) Bound & Back Issues Newspapers Area (Non-Circulating)
Reference Collections Area (Non-Circulating)
Multimedia Collections Area (Public Performance Rights&Non-Circulating,Only teachers are allowed to borrow)
Comics and children's book area(Circulating)
Computer learning area
Multimedia viewing area
Photocopy room
Reference counter
1F Universal Xuan (calligraphy books, Circulating)
Wenjin Pavilion (Sikuquanshu,
Recommended books (
Show hall
Circulation counter
2F Oriental Language Stacks 000-899 (Circulating)
Information search area
Digital media studio
Discussion room